Dave McGhie VFX supervisor 2013 Stunningly seamless visual effects skills combined with unique problem solving abilities and a professional driven work ethic have proven Dave McGhie to be a lead compositor and Vfx supervisor of the highest calibre. This Vfx guru and finishing artist covers all the bases as lead compositor, Vfx supervisor, visual effects designer, digital matte painter, Di colour grading designer and so much more. With over two decades of full time visual effects experience Dave has worked on many of the industries top commercial broadcast works for advertising - including over two thousand commercials to date - plus many episodic television series and box office feature films.

flame award Dave is a VFX pioneer and is extremely well honed and highly skilled in all aspects of visual effects design, quoting, creation and supervision as well as a proven ability to lead, delegate and approve final delivery of all visual effects.


Always on the cutting edge both by nature and design, there is no doubt Dave is a dedicated and very passionate professional and it truly shows. If creativity, quality or speed matters - or the all important budget - then talent and experience wins every time. Dave is currently working on various commercial, feature film and episodic television projects.